Structured Cabling Systems


Designing and installation, certification and maintenance of Structured Cabling Systems. Complex solutions for your office, business building or hotel.

Structured cabling is an indispensable part of the implementation of well functioning and effective information infrastructure in every modern enterprise or organization.

Structured cabling, known also as Structured Cabling Systems (SCS), combines in one common system subsystems for data exchange which are very different in their purpose and functionality, such as: computer networks, telephone signal networks, control and security systems, video surveillance, etc. The implementation of a such universal cabling system makes the management, control and maintenance procedures of all built-in subsystems significantly easier, while simultaneously securing a high level of reliability in their functioning. The main advantage of the structured cabling systems is the use of a unified cable transmission system, providing all services, such as: data transfer, voice and video signals. Standard components and materials are used in structured cabling, with workplace sockets being standardised, allowing a wide variety of equipment be plugged into them, this repaying the investments after the built network is used for a longer period of time. Structured cabling systems provide considerable flexibility and the option to easily make modifications and additions to all existing systems. Another important positive aspect of the structured networks is the ability to use several different network protocols simultaneously and to not depend on the changes in technology and the equipment suppliers. Cabling systems give an opportunity to exercise control and to manage the developments by using the minimum service personnel. The installed cable connection could be of copper cables or optical ones. It is also possible to combine both types optical and copper cables in one network.

Structured cabling should comply specific standards, which differ in installations in offices, business buildings, data storage centres, communication nodes, etc. The standards are divided into 3 types:

  • EIA/TIA 568A - this is the first global standard for structured cabling, developed in the USA. The global and the European standard were developed based on that standard, with some variations.
  • CENELEC EN 50173 - European standard for cabling systems, known in the UK as BS EN 50173.
  • • ISO/IEC 11801 - national ISO standard for structured cabling systems

These standards should be strictly complied with in all activities related to the installation of a structured cabling system, starting from the manufacturer of the materials, then the designer designing the cable connections and the intermediate points, up to the installer who also needs to observe the standard during the laying, pulling and arrangement of the cables. The majority of large manufacturers give warranty for the installed cabling systems of up to 25 years, provided that everyone in the chain of installation has done their work in accordance with the applicable standards.

We have experience in the installation of structured cabling systems in compliance with the standards, and we follow the standards when:

  • We design of a structured cabling system.
  • We order, store and transport from the manufacturer the necessary materials for the system
  • We plan in detail the structured cabling with the client and all interested parties or persons working at the site, in order to determine deadlines and stages of installation of cables, sockets, panels, etc.
  • We install the network as per the requirements specified in the design - we lay of cable connection, install end points (sockets, plugs, panels, etc.), lay the cables to the base point, arrange the communication cabinets.
  • We test the installed cabling system, looking for errors and then issue of a certificate in order to certify that the standard has been complied with, and based on that certificate the equipment manufacturer issues the respective warranty card (15, 20 or 25 years).
  • We hand over the site in when it is complete and ready for use by the client.
  • Additionally, we offer maintenance of the installed structured cabling system and upgrading of existing structured cabling.