Video surveillance systems


Complete engineering and sale of video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance is the basis for control of the security systems of banks, shops and commercial organizations, because due to their effective application and use of modern technologies, it saves the companies money.

Today, the video surveillance and the security systems are a very efficient instrument for safety and for motivating people to be disciplined and to behave in an orderly manner.

The better and more modern a video surveillance system is, as bigger the potential for cost cutting and ensuring the security of your site.

Site security is impossible without video surveillance. Video surveillance is what allows the timely discovery, prevention or stopping of the rule violations.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find sites where video surveillance is not necessary. Video surveillance systems are installed in banks and supermarkets, warehouses and construction sites, parking lots and casinos, apartments and villas, cars and construction equipment.

Thanks to video surveillance cameras thefts are discovered, stolen cars are found, many contentious issues regarding personnel and production are settled. In addition to that, video surveillance can help you in court when you need to prove that criminal activities have taken place in your apartment or office. Video surveillance cameras are impartial witnesses, which will not change their testimony under somebody's pressure. Nowadays, we increasingly often face situations in which the video record from the crime scene is almost the only evidence with which allows the crime in question to be solved. Furthermore, video surveillance allows the security agencies to observe and control situations in real time, as well as the situation in more than one place at the same time.

Video records archive is saved on a hard disk

Usually the picture from the video surveillance cameras is recorded and saved in the archive. Video surveillance cameras are of biggest economic benefit for shops, warehouses, parking lots, houses, offices, entrances, apartments. After installing video surveillance at such locations, the number of thefts drops sharply. Installing video surveillance in banks, big supermarkets, subway stations, is necessary in order to monitor emergency situations and identify suspects. Video surveillance in entrances, apartments, villas, rural houses is installed as a protection against burglars. Almost every video surveillance system offers the option to control these cameras remotely. Many people prefer a video surveillance system to be installed beyond our range of vision since it may disturb the people. A visible camera may also be seen by would-be-burglars.

Video cameras

Most cameras have a high degree of protection and they are equipped with an infra-red light, which means that they can operate even under extreme weather conditions and also at night. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are sure of their safety. Therefore, there is a great interest towards innovative high-tech video surveillance devices since there is an increasing number of people investing now in such surveillance devices to protect people's lives.

Investing in the installation of video surveillance systems is the correct decision for a successful business. What is the point of making money if one cannot be sure of one's personal safety? Reasonable and practical approach to life - to ensure the right to live safe at the workplace, on the street and at home.

Another important issue is trade secrets protection in order to avoid leaks. Managers need to think how the work at the office can proceed smoothly and efficiently and how to not allow losses due to information leakage. Furthermore, this will increase the efficiency and the discipline of the employees, for example, it will stop them from playing computer games at work all they long, from drinking coffee and chit-chatting. The employees will appreciate the video surveillance after a reasonable explanation. They will feel more confident in case of various inspections or in case of improper behaviour in the office since all actions will be registered, stored and can be checked, if necessary. Not only the tangible assets, the personnel and the facilities shall be under protection but also the trade secrets. All this will allow more efficient management.